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Introducing the MY-B130 Series, an Automatic Letter Bending Machine engineered to redefine precision and efficiency in the signage and advertising industry. With its cutting-edge features and innovative design, this machine offers unparalleled versatility and performance for bending a wide range of materials.

Featuring an Independent Double Slotting System, the MY-B130 Series enables the seamless processing of different types of materials with ease. Its automatic adjustment of cutting depth for both planer and milling cutter slotting ensures precise and consistent results every time.

The planer, crafted with hard alloy finishing, guarantees stable and smooth cutting performance. Equipped with a multi-tip blade grain that requires no maintenance or grinding, it ensures uninterrupted operation and superior quality cuts.

The precision milling cutter, capable of swinging all around and automatically identifying angles, allows for the processing of various aluminum profiles with utmost accuracy.

For transmission, the MY-B130 Series utilizes a roller screw and double rail positioning system, providing enhanced power and stability during cutting operations.

Switching between double-pole alternate bending for metal coil and patent extrusion bending system for aluminum profile is seamless, thanks to the one-step switch system. No need for readjustment when changing materials, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and maximum efficiency.

With a high-power servo control system, the MY-B130 Series delivers exceptional precision, speed, and torque, significantly boosting working efficiency.

Furthermore, its length closed-loop control system, coupled with precision software control, ensures length accuracy within ≤0.1 mm, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in every bend.

Equipped with an independent material rack, the MY-B130 Series ensures stable equipment feeding, further enhancing operational stability and reliability.

Experience the future of letter bending with the MY-B130 Series. Elevate your craftsmanship, streamline your workflow, and unlock new possibilities in the world of signage and advertising.

Max Bending Size - 10mm ~ 160mm
Feeding Torque - >45Nm
Planer Slotted Torque Peak - >100Nm
Arc Bending Torque Peak - >100Nm
Bending Speed - 1~24000mm/min
Min Radius Bending - 3 MM
Material Thickness - 0.3 ~ 1.2mm
Working Pressure - 0.3-0.6mpa
Material :Aluminum, Edge aluminum, Aluminum profile 
Dimensions - 1900mm x 900mm x 1600mm
N.Weight - 530kg
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